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Frequent questions: Web Agency
  1. Why do I have to contact a web agency?

    It is not mandatory to have a web agency to operate online, it mostly depends on what your goals are. Many users are able to manage their website and online presence independently, with results to be evaluated and without forgetting the waste of time that could be used in the activity.

    If you want to give visibility to your business in a professional way, make the most of social channels and expand your business thanks to the web without sacrificing too much time on online management, then the advice of a qualified and capable web agency becomes important.

  2. How long does it take to create a website?

    It depends on the project you want to build and above all on the customer's willingness to supply the materials, texts, Images, logos etc., if he has them available, or to provide the indications to create them ad hoc and to revise them. The more you collaborate with the web agency, responding in a timely manner to your questions or requests, first the site will be ready. Il tempo necessario in media può variare dalle poche settimane a qualche mese.

  3. Who owns my domain if I contact a web agency?

    G&T Technologies records and manages urls, but the property always remains with the customer.

  4. I can make changes to the site on my own once it is published?

    The customer always has autonomy regarding the updating of content on his site - for which he assumes responsibility. We always recommend involving the agency if you want to make major structural changes to the pages, and in general for any modification, as they could cause SEO problems if not well done. G&T Technologies has several support packages to address this problem.

  5. It is better for me to advertise for a fee on the web?

    As with any digital marketing action, the first thing to clarify is what is the goal of the campaign and how much you can invest. A Pay Per Click campaign can certainly give excellent results, but remember that it will not affect the ranking of the site, and the results will be limited to the campaign period if no action is taken to support the investment.

  6. In addition to creating the site, you promote it on the internet?

    Yup, we can also take care of advertising. We analyze your goals with you e, always within your budget, we study the best online marketing strategy for your business.

  7. I am not in Sardinia, it's a problem?

    Absolutely not! We have customers all over Italy, thanks to the increasingly advanced technologies we have, we can work for you wherever you are.

Frequent questions: SEO
  1. What is the purpose of SEO?

    SEO, acronym for Search Engine Optimization, defines all the optimization activities of a website aimed at improving its positioning in the SERPs, organic results (or those not sponsored) of search engines. Creating and putting a website online is not enough for it to be visible to searchers; SEO optimization of a site allows you to make your site conform to the parameters that are rewarded by the search engine algorithms and consequently made visible.

  2. If I do SEO on my site, arrives on the front page?

    None, and we repeat no self-respecting web agency will ever be able to guarantee the first page to its customers thanks to the investment in SEO. First of all why, when we talk about the first page of the SERP, we must remember that there is not only Google, and that SERPs are as diverse as their mechanisms. SEO, Furthermore, it works on long-term perspectives and it is not technically possible to obtain immediate results. Even promising to make it to the front page for a particular keyword is deceptive. Let us always remember that search engines want to satisfy those who do the research, not the sites that appear in the results. A well done and updated SEO according to the current parameters allows you to have all the credentials to make it possible, over time, once the search engines read the site as a reliable and quality result for the user, appear in the main results. In the end, a lot depends on the keywords used and how much it is "crowded" your target market.

  3. I already have a site, but it does not appear in search engines: because? You can only follow me for SEO or I have to redo the whole site with you?

    If your site is very recent this is quite normal, in fact to be positioned (that is, visible) and not just indexed (that is, present) in search engines these must "notice" of your presence, and they do so over time and with the quality of your site. A good job with SEO and a targeted web advertising action can help speed up the positioning process.

    If, on the other hand, your site has been online for some time, it is correctly indexed but looking for it by name does not even appear in the first pages of the search engine, allora è il caso di fare un'analisi più approfondita.

    To answer the second question, Yes, we can certainly follow you only for SEO. It is usually not necessary to redo the site from scratch, unless you are dealing with an almost irrecoverable situation that would require disproportionate investment for "clean up" the reputation of the site; in this case it is advisable to start from scratch.

  4. How much does it cost to place a site?

    As with many other questions related to the work of web agencies ... depends!

    From what? There are a lot of factors at play, more than the average internet user can imagine. Eg, if you have an e-commerce, how the website was created? What keyword did you use, and how much they are sought after? How your competition moves? You have to sell on the national / international territory or in your city / region?

    These and many other questions will establish the work needed to get a good ranking, on which the traffic to the site and the sales volume will then depend.

  5. I can choose the keywords that interest me?

    The choice, the skimming and use of keywords within the site is an activity known as keyword research, and it is important that it be carried out with full knowledge of the facts. In most cases it is good to choose the keywords you want to optimize by working with an expert. It is indeed important for us to know as much as possible about your specific business and your market and objectives, on the other hand, it is necessary to have a strategy and impose a method, otherwise we risk losing the potential of the keywords in question and positioning ourselves for words that are of little or no interest to our business.

  6. I also hear a lot about SEM, what it is?

    SEM, like SEO, is an acrononym that comes from English; stands for Search Engine Marketing and refers to the promotion of a site on search engines. We can consider it a "booster", a way to get first the results we have set for ourselves with the SEO strategy.
    The goal of the SEM is to increase the number of visitors, the visibility of a site (mainly by climbing the search engine index) and the quality of users in order to increase the number of potential customers and therefore the ROI, the return on investment.

    Among the main activities of SEM we find:

    • pay per click e keyword advertising
    • link building
    • promotion on social networking sites
  7. It is best to invest in SEO or SEM?

    Better to do both! The ideal condition would be to have a paid ad and immediately below the organic result. If you want to necessarily (per budget, strategy or other) investing only in one or the other is certainly possible but does not exist, as always, the right answer the same for everyone, only the one that best suits your specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation.

  8. How long should an SEO service last?

    SEO is a strategy that takes time to be effective. Speaking of continuous activity on a domain by an agency, we recommend a minimum of 6/10 months, better 12; this is because following the optimization requires time to carry out the pre-analyzes first of all, very important to create a successful strategy.

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